Electrical Wiring Objective Questions Answers

In this post “Electrical Wiring Objective Questions” we have collected some important questions related to wiring for you. These questions can be important for your exam preparation.

Electrical Wiring Objective Questions
Electrical Wiring Objective Questions

Important Electrical Wiring Objective Questions Answers

01 . which type of wiring gives more mechanical and fire protection ?

  1. Casing Capping Wiring
  2. Batten Wiring
  3. Conduit Wiring
  4. Cleat Wiring
  Conduit Wiring

02. Which Device is used to protect the wiring from short circuit fault ?

  1. MCB
  2. Ameter
  3. Multimeter
  4. isolator

03. PVC Channel wiring Suitable for ?

  1. Godown Wiring
  2. Industrial Wiring
  3. out Door Wiring
  4. Indore Surface Wiring
 Indore Surface Wiring

04. The Minimum Size of Aluminium Conductor used in A Power Circuit is ?

  1. 0.5 sq mm
  2. 1 sq mm
  3. 1.5 sq mm
  4. 2.5 sq mm
 1.5 sq mm

05. The Conduit Elbows are Used at ?

  1. Tapping The Connection
  2. Sharp Ends
  3. Straight runs
  4. Away From Walls
 Sharp Ends

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