What is the Difference Between Resistance and Resistivity

There are many electrical quantities in electrical. But in today’s post, we are going to tell you about resistance and resistivity. In this post, you will know what is resistance, what is resistivity, what is the difference between resistance and resistivity. So read this post completely.

Difference Between Resistance and Resistivity

What is resistance

The property of a conductor that produces an obstruction in the path of an electric current in an electric circuit is called resistance. It has different values in different types of conductors.

What is resistivity

Each conductive substance has its own resistance. The resistance of a conductor wire of a certain length and thickness is called resistivity or specific resistance.
For example, the resistance of a conductor wire with a length of one centimeter and a square centimeter intersection area is called specific resistance or resistivity.

Difference in resistance and resistivity

Let us now know what is the difference between resistance and resistivity. Let’s see these 4 differences in resistance and resistivity.

1. Resistance is an obstructing property which can have any value, but resistivity is the definite value of resistance in a conductor.

2. The unit of resistance is ohms while the unit of resistivity is ohms-meters or ohms-centimeters.

3. Resistance is represented by R while specific resistance is represented by ρ .

4. Use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance, while there is no special meter to measure the resistivity. It is measured by calculation according to a predetermined value. For this, you can use tables of specific measurements of different thicknesses for each metal.

Note: – Resistance should never be measured in the current line. If the resistance in the current line is measured, then a short circuit can occur.

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