DC Generator Objective Questions With Answer [2020]

Questions from dc generator are seen in every competitive exam related to electrical. In this post “DC Generator Objective Questions With Answer“, we have brought some important multiple choice questions related to dc generator for you. Which you can use for your exam preparation.

dc generator objective questions

Important DC Generator Objective Questions

01. In a DC Machine, Interpoles are Connected in ?

  1. Series with the shunt field
  2. series with the series field
  3. parallel with the series field
  4. parallel with the armature
series with the series field

02. What is the necessity of residual magnetism in a self excited DC generator?

  1. Build up the voltage
  2. Reduce the field current
  3. Reduce armature current
  4. Maintain constant output voltage
Build up the voltage

03. The Function of Brushes in the DC Generators ………. .. . . .

  1. Convert AC into Uni -Directional Current
  2. Collect the current form the commutator
  3. increase the magnetic flux
  4. connect the armature and commutator
collect the current form the commutator

04. As per BIS the shunt field winding terminals of seprately excited type DC Generator are marked as …. .. . ..

  1. D1 & D2
  2. B1 & B2
  3. F1 & F2
  4. E1 & E2
E1 & E2

05. The Cross – Magnetizing Effect of armature reaction in DC Generator can be nullified by ……

  1. Insert Compensating winding
  2. Provinding inter poles between the main pole
  3. shifting the brush position from GNA to MNA
  4. increase the ampere turns in the field winding
shifting the brush position from GNA to MNA

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